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About Us

Infodemy was established to support the execution of scientific researchs and/or social projects in accordance with scientific methodology, to carry out your all study on your behalf or to provide you to access data you need. Infodemy's team originally studies in East and Southeast Anatolia regions of Turkey. East and Southeast Anatolia regions of Turkey differ from other regions in social, economic, cultural, and demographic characteristics. As well as being a historic district regarded as the cradle of civilization, the majority of the Kurdish people in the region are basic elements which make it different. Altough these elements constitute a cultural mosaic and historical differences, they have led to conflicts from period to period in history

Especially on the basis of Republic’s history it can be said that these fundamental wealth and difference elements and their results (eg, riots, forced migration, government policies, the state of emergency, military coups, the problem of native language, youth and popular culture, social movements etc.). continue to move Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions to both Turkey’s and world’s political agenda.

East and Southeast Anatolia regions of Turkey with these characteristics recognize opportunity of researches especially for social sciences like sociology, anthropology, archeology.

Don’t you live in Turkey? You have a social study, research, or project but do you want to save both time and effort?
You live in Turkey but do not have time to come to the region-status?
Social research, study or Project will be carried out by you do you need preliminary study of some practical things done before you come to region?
Will you need someone who knows region in geographic, cultural, social, political sense when you carry out study in the area?
Do you need an interpreter?
Do you need any scientific data about region ?

Infodemy is with you to answer all your questions listed above and so on…